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Advice for Adults on Teen Car Accidents

I am a high school student in Charles City, Iowa. In our writing class, we are researching   topics  that we believe are large issues in the world today.  I chose to research teenage car crashes. I researched the large number of accidents resulting from drinking and reckless driving. I came up with two ideas to…

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Parental Expectations and Pressures

I am a high school student in Burleson, Texas, and would like to inform you of an issue I find very pressing in today’s society and education. As you know, education is a key factor for bettering students in our country. I have an issue with how parents’ expectations affect the mental and physical health…

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Parents, Kids and Technology

We are high school sophomores in Lafayette, Indiana.  We would like to make parents  across America aware of the negative factors of the technology  age. We feel the majority of parents are not well informed  about the negative effects technology can have on the younger generation. Technology is a key in the development and progression…

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