Parents Scene

On the Ground

If Marathon Helicopters flew over our house, as they often do, shuttling tourists around Resurrection Bay, if they passed overhead on a certain evening this week, at what seems to be our family’s witching hour, the pilot and passengers might have witnessed a mother yank the crutch right out of her boy’s hand, storm across…

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Assessments That Provide Real Insight into Learning

A math teacher described a problem he was having with his 2nd graders: “One of the goals of our math curriculum is to enable the students to articulate their mathematical reasoning. We would like them to explain, ‘The problem said two more came, so I knew I needed to add,’ but instead we get, ‘I…

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“If For No Other Reason But That I Said So”

(This speech was addressed to students, their parents and teachers at an academic awards ceremony.) Ceremonies like this one are a way for one generation to pass the ideals and values of a society to the next generation.  On this day, your teachers sit up here as a visual reminder of the responsibility adults have…

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The Challenges of Parent Involvement Research

Despite the validity of some studies, much parent involvement research to date contains serious methodological flaws. But it is possible that more effective parent involvement will generate cost savings by lessening the need for remedial and other special programs. National Council of Jewish Women Center for the Child Amy J. L. Baker and Laura M.…

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Raising Cain – Book Review

– March 2000 What Pipher accomplished for girls in her book, Reviving Ophelia, psychotherapists Kindlon and Thompson are trying to do for boys. Their book is an eloquent discussion of the struggles boys face as they learn to be men in our culture. From Literary Cavalcade, property of Scholastic Inc. by Dan Kindlon and Michael…

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The Most Important People

Important People

At a press conference last year, President Clinton, addressing the flap about the First Lady in her interview with Talk magazine, said, “But I can tell you this, as I think about other children in the world and in our country that have difficulties growing up, I am convinced from my own life and from…

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The Most Productive Third of Your Life

students in class

– November 12, 1999    Sleep is needed to rejuvenate the body and mind. What is the most important part of sleep? Too little sleep can be very detrimental to your health. People spend one third of their lives in an altered state of consciousness. This is required for normal growth and development, and it…

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Divorce Headquarters

Divorce Headquarters — A source for all divorce issues including alimony, child support, child custody, visitation, separation agreements, financial, divorce attorneys, mediators, free child support calculator, and more.

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Marriage Builders

marriage builders

Marriage Builders — A large site helping couples understand how to fall in love and stay in love. Marriage Builders offers a wealth of articles, an active discussion board, personal coaching services, and much more.

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