Credentials over color

This year has been a big one for women’s tennis. Serena Williams, arguably the greatest living tennis player, won a Grand Slam while pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Meanwhile, her rival Maria Sharapova not only returned to the circuit after fulfilling the conditions of her suspension for using banned substances but also authored a book. That book immediately…

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A message from “dumb” athletes

While some seem to believe that nothing athletes have to say is worthy of their time, we want to discuss why recent statements about student-athletes have underestimated just about every Yale student, in addition to shaming and devaluing a specific group within this community. The central message of these negative stereotypes is that student-athletes do…

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Demanding respect for women in intramural sports

A few weeks ago, I played in an intramural soccer game in which I was the only woman playing. When I walked into the gym and saw four or five extremely tall, muscular men warming up on the other side of the field, I was a little intimidated. As a 5-foot-3-inch, 140-pound woman, I wasn’t keen…

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The Athletic Experiences of Ethnically Diverse Girls

Today, girls make up about 37 percent of all high school athletes, and one girl in three participates in sports. Despite these gains, girls’ sports programs still receive a disproportionately smaller share of resources than boys’. Girls’ involvement in school- and community-based athletic programs has grown since the passage of Title IX of the Education Amendments of…

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Do Female Athletes Prefer Male Coaches

college football girls

The Women’s Sports Foundation Position It is often heard from male and female athletes that he or she prefers a male coach. Eighty percent of all coaches at the high school and college level are male. Only two percent of the coaches of men’s teams and less than half of the coaches of women’s teams…

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Recruiting Retention and Advancement of Women in Athletics

Women’s Sports Foundation This is a very different time with a very different feeling. There is a tension between men and women in the workplace that has never existed before. There is, according to Susan Faludi in her book, a “backlash” against the invasion of women into the workplace and women who seek equal rights…

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