Parents, Kids and Technology

We are high school sophomores in Lafayette, Indiana.  We would like to make parents  across America aware of the negative factors of the technology  age. We feel the majority of parents are not well informed  about the negative effects technology can have on the younger generation.

Technology is a key in the development and progression of society today; however, there is a point where restrictions need to be placed especially on the younger generation. The majority of the population does not know about the  negative side of technology. They only  hear about the way it changes the world  and makes life easier.  Studies have shown that the excessive use of electronics hinders a child’s communication skills.  It can also affect their chances of doing well in job interviews and other situations involving face-to-face  communication in the future.

Parents too often use technology to quiet their children.  Whether they want to have some  peace and quiet or they  need their kid to be occupied, parents often just give a  kid their iPhone or tablet. Parents need to become aware of the effect  technology has on their children so that they can make better decisions for  their mental development. Parents need to be properly educated on this topic so that they can make better choices  concerning technology for their children.