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Ex-Stream Entertainment

By Fred Kardos | May 22, 2017

Netflix exploits and distorts serious issues to create binge-worthy shows. For a large percentage of students, exam procrastination takes the form of Netflix. I love Netflix. But it’s a love-hate relationship. While I appreciate the instant access to a wide variety of easy procrastination, recently released Netflix shows like 13 Reasons Why have capitalized on the addictive…

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Embrace failure

By Sarah Gathro | May 16, 2017

Steven Spielberg was a repeated failure. He received unimpressive grades in high school, and was rejected three times — yes, three — from the University of Southern California. Yet Spielberg went on to direct 51 films, win 3 Oscars and amass a wealth upward of $3 billion. It is no coincidence that before succeeding, Spielberg…

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The Era of Not Knowing

By Gabrielle Leung | May 6, 2017

I know enough about myself, and what I tend to write, that this final, end-of-the-semester piece will be reminiscent of this school year. I’m no longer the freshman who can write about the conflicting feelings of dorm life and the realization that everyone struggles, but never wants to leave Cornell. And I’m not a senior,…

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Peer Mediation as a Viable Option for School Conflict Resolution Programs

By Racheal Whiteside | March 19, 2017

Editor’s note: This is an interesting research article written by an undergraduate when she was attending the University of Buffalo. It is the voice of a student providing insight into adolescent aggression and conflict resolution. Albert Bandura (1977) developed the Social Learning (SL) theory to explain that people learn how to act from each other.…

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The Honor Code Vote – One Student Senator’s View

By Alyssa Vangelli | November 5, 2016

Should an honor code place one student against another? Is it the best way to ensure an honest and trusting atmosphere at a high school? Will it ensure moral action and thinking? In the Final faculty-Student Senate meeting of the winter term, we voted to adopt an honor code for Lawrence Academy. I left with…

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Getting Along with Others – Article

By Erin Donahue | September 9, 2016

As students we should learn to live with one another right now, because we’re going to have to do it the rest of our lives. By learning to live and accept that others are and will always be different, we take a step away from ignorance, and a step towards knowledge. Address to New Students…

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Supporting What We Don’t Believe

By Joel Rosne | September 9, 2016

– November 1999     Freedom of speech is not absolute, as Supreme Court decisions have told us. Yet what rights do we have about seeing our funds being used as we want them? The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that will affect colleges and universities across the nation, including Columbia. In…

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Public School Reform: Innovation Not Renovation

By Michael Ricci Sophmore | September 9, 2016

– November 19, 1999       Public schools are in serious trouble: Standardized test scores have not increased while dropout rates, teacher turnover rates, and school violence rates have all increased. Students are more belligerent, curricula are less modern, and teachers are less skilled than ever before. Is there a cure? From Columbia Spectator,…

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The Rise of Gun Violence – Who Shoots Whom

By Ethan Perlstein | September 9, 2016

– November 16, 1999     What can be done to end the senseless mass killings? Are the Media to blame? Can the Media paint a more accurate picture? It was by chance last week that I caught wind of a breaking story of another shooting, this time in my hometown in South Florida. The…

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students in class

The Most Productive Third of Your Life

By Igor Rybinnik | September 9, 2016

– November 12, 1999    Sleep is needed to rejuvenate the body and mind. What is the most important part of sleep? Too little sleep can be very detrimental to your health. People spend one third of their lives in an altered state of consciousness. This is required for normal growth and development, and it…

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people drinking


By Suzanne Dressler | September 7, 2016

Is boredom a factor in binge drinking? Is it a pressure relief, or a way to fit in? Ms. Dressler examines these and other possible causes of this dilemma. Many people are under the impression that Columbia University does not have a problem with campus drinking, at least not as much as the Big Ten,…

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