Vision Statement is an online communication center that brings parents, guardians, students and teachers together to discuss topics relative to helping teenagers become adults. We offer articles, links to other useful sites and a forum for discussing and sharing ideas that cover a wide range of topics: educational issues, college admission, college life, health, nutrition, substance abuse, sexuality and other pertinent areas. Because we are sensitive to the needs of diverse families, we also include material pertaining to issues of multiculturalism, gender bias, and racism.

We are committed to offering highly informative, insightful material from many points of view. We especially promote and include the voices of young people, so we publish essays written by high school and college students, as well as by professionals. Through our forum, visitors to the site are invited to pose questions, express opinions and offer comments. exists for one overriding purpose: to help young people–and the parents and teachers who guide them–make informed choices as they face life’s challenges.


Who we are:

Greta Donahue: site creator, parent, former secondary school trustee and parent liaison

Alden S. Blodget: writer, parent, former secondary school teacher and administrator