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Our site features materials which provide in-depth discussions of a wide range of topics, such as educational issues, college admission, college life, health, nutrition, substance abuse, sexuality and other pertinent areas.


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Since one of our purposes is to promote dialogue between adults and teens, we include material written by high school and college students, as well as by professionals. It is our intent that parents utilize our site as a guide in assisting their sons and daughters to make informed choices for the life challenges they face.


Recruiting, Retention and Advancement of Women in Athletics

This is a very different time with a very different feeling. There is a tension between men and women in the workplace that has never existed before. There is, according to Susan Faludi in her book, a "backlash" against the invasion of women into the workplace and women who seek equal rights and privileges

by Donna Lopiano, Ph.D.
Women's Sports Foundation

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Students Speak


Is boredom a factor in binge drinking? Is it a pressure relief, or a way to fit in? Ms. Dressler examines these and other possible causes of this dilemma.

Reprinted with permission granted by the Columbia Spectator
Columbia University, NY, NY
By Suzanne Dressler, junior, Barnard College, Columbia University

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Parents and School Reform
How Parents Can Make a Difference

Of all the stakeholders in the debates about how to improve our schools, parents may be the most powerful and the least aware of their power. Nothing terrifies administrators or teachers quite as much as an angry or demanding parent. Parents are, after all, the customers, and money follows their children–in both public and independent schools

By Alden S Blodget

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Health & Social

I Promise Program - An injury/loss prevention program targeted to new teen drivers

Teen car crashes the single greatest cause of teen deaths and permanent injuries in North America. How do you make the roads safer for your teen driver?

by Gary Direnfeld,
Executive Director, I Promise Program

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College Central

Parents can be confounded by playing the college admissions game. Common pleas made by parents are explored, and alternate roles for parents are discussed.

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Parent's Scene

Happy children have one characteristic in common: they know, without doubt, that they are loved, that they are the most important people in the world to someone else.

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