Links for Teens and Parents

Resources for our readers

Health and Social links

Families for Depression Awareness — This site offers help for those dealing with depression (teens and adults).

EDC Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment — With the goal of reducing the impact of substance abuse on individuals, families, and communities.

Adolescent Sexual Health — The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a rich array of resources on many topics pertaining to sexual health:
Female Health
Male Health

American Social Health Association — a rich resource of information on women’s and men’s sexual health

Divorce Source — Information from every state for divorcees, and their children.

Divorce Headquarters — A source for all divorce issues including alimony, child support, child custody, visitation, separation agreements, financial, divorce attorneys, mediators, free child support calculator, and more.

Marriage Builders — A large site helping couples understand how to fall in love and stay in love. Marriage Builders offers a wealth of articles, an active discussion board, personal coaching services, and much more.

Go Ask Alice — Ask about sex, drugs, health, and relationships, from Columbia University Health Services

Sandy Hook Promise — An initiative started by several family members who lost children at Sandy Hook and whose mission is to reduce gun violence. Read about the effective program to identify and intervene with at-risk children in your schools and communities.

Wait Until 8th — Research into smartphone use among young children suggests that this technology is doing real damage. Smartphone use by the young has been linked to increasing depression, sense of isolation, anxiety and suicide. Read about a community-wide strategy for protecting children and childhood.

School links

Study Tips — For help with studying for school. This non-profit site also offers help for parents and students looking for good schools throughout the US–and much more.
Great Schools

LD Online — The complete site for learning disabilities

The National Association of Independent Schools — help for parents and students in their search for a middle or secondary school

College-bound links

Peterson’s Guide to Colleges Help for parents and students in their search for a college that fits their needs

Canadian Universities Listing — maintained by the University of Waterloo.

American universities listing, available on the Stanford University site.

Directory of community colleges: This site allows you to search for a college by state.

Digital badges — have become an interesting alternative to traditional, often expensive college education. The MacArthur Foundation site provides insight into this movement.

Coursera — This site is a bank of many courses from different universities and colleges. These courses offer an opportunity for creating self-directed programs of studies. However, this sort of independent work, whether for digital badges or more traditional course credits requires considerable motivation and self-discipline, which may be developmentally beyond the capacity of most undergraduates. As a result, these avenues may require some degree of parental oversight or may be more appropriate for older graduate students.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) provides superior educational and career programs to young people from underserved and underrepresented communities to maximize their opportunities for college and career success.

Financial aid checklist is offered by the College Board. Students and parents can also use the site to create an account to help manage the college admissions process.

Links for teachers

Teaching Tolerance — This site offers a free magazine (hard copy) published by the Southern Poverty Law Center, devoted to educating for diversity and teaching awareness of multicultural issues in the classroom — an excellent resource.

Coursera — This site provides a bank of courses from many universities and colleges. It’s a potential source for professional development.



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